More Than You Ever Wanted To Know About Sibelius

ruins1.gifAlex Ross throws down a big-ass article on Sibelius in The New Yorker.

Don’t care? Yeah, that’s what Ross thought. So he gives you seven pages to correct that defect.

I can’t help but wonder, though, that this kind of retroactive justification of late-romantic hold outs isn’t all aimed at establishing a supportive context for all the crappy “Neo-Romantic” bullshit that’s out there today.

Remember folks, the Romantic era was defined by one word: Decadence. Not exactly something to be proud of, especially you know, if natural resources are running scarce and your country uses way too much energy and creates way too much waste and has a billion times more crap than any other country in the world. Not really a time to throw conservation to the wind and start burning that eternal flame in your back yard.

I only got to the end of page two before I was like, Ok, Ok, Sibelius was cool, I get it! But that doesn’t mean that I have to start listening to John Corigliano. Eeeeeeeeeew.


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