How could we have missed the blogger-style smackdown of Alastair Macaulay?!!!

First, Appolionaire Scherr takes AM down in style on July 4.  Although we think she’s a little too nice at points.

Then Tonya Plank responds on July 5th with this crazy long post.  It gets good right near the end (past all the pictures).

The only flaw both Scherr and Plank make, is to imply that there aren’t any other critical voices out there in dance.  Umm hello?!?!


  1. Yeah, you did kind of miss out. What a time to take a vacation. Welcome back.

  2. I can’t believe I was left out of that. Kind of like when I opted out of taking the AP English test, and the essay ended up being on a John Donne poem, and he was like, my favorite poet. Rrrg.

  3. […] with minimal text. So for people who like to make fun of me for being a bit photo-crazed — Counter Critic and Danciti — that’s why! Okay, at least in part. I confess, when I really like some […]

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