Critics SMACKDOWN Award of the Day (CSAD): Sulcas All The Way

smackdown-wrestlers.jpgIt’s a dance day, and Roslyn Sulcas beats the shit out of Donna Scro Gentile Freespace Dance’s “ConTainMeiNiT” at DTW!!!

Here’s a list of my favorite phrases: “mawkish cuteness and vaguenes”, “unremittingly awful music”, “New Age-y twanging and vague jazziness”, “fatuous emotionalism”.

Here’s our favorite paragraph:

“But all of this was positively anodyne when compared with the final piece, for which the program was titled. “ConTainMeiNiT” initially looks like the work of a demented interior decorator: shiny pots and vessels of all sizes are lined up on the stage, and an enormous one looms at the back. You just know that someone is going to emerge from it, and someone does: Ms. Gentile, looking limp and fragile in another skimpy outfit, manipulated erotically by the impressively muscular Mr. Louis. (Are they having sex in a hot tub?) “

Holy shit. I’d be checking into Belleview if I were Dona Scro G. Time to detox, rehab, whatever it takes to clean up after that mess.

Kind makes me wish I’d seen the show.


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