Time(s) To Dance

savionpenguin.jpgSavion Glover is a tap purist and won’t play festivals cuz he think’s they’re sell-outs (umm…didn’t you play a penguin in a WB movie!!!!)

Alastair Macaulay almost makes us care about ballet in ABT’s “Romeo & Juliet”

Jennifer Dunning says Taye Diggs doesn’t go out of his way to sell us on modern African American dance



  1. You’re right; Taye is a pretty lame narrator, but you know he has his own company here?

  2. Hey, he was an authentic dancing penguin! So no sell-out on account of cool mocap :)

  3. That’s hot, Danciti. I was hoping there was some kind of dance connection. you know, rather than just…black people can dance. And that;s one to grow on!

  4. And for the record, “I” didn’t say Diggs was a lame narrator: that was all Dunning.

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