Anthony Lane can’t get over the celebrity hump

jolie.jpgUmm, I’m gonna go ahead and take away Anthony Lane’s copies of celebrity weeklies before he hurts himself.

In his bizarre film reviews in The New Yorker, he invents some McFreudian list of Angelina Jolie‘s public personae while reviewing “A Mighty Heart,” then manages to come up with this crazy futuristic conversation between Julia Roberts and her niece, Emma, who happens to star in the new “Nancy Drew” movie.

At least with the Jolie thing he kind of tries to talk about the movie in the middle of it. (I’m not so sure why he’s amazed she’s good in this thing. Note to Anthony: Angie is hot, AND she doesn’t do anything she’s not good at.) But the piece on Nancy Drew is just pure conjecture written from the recesses of a celebrity k-hole. Yeah, it’s upsetting to think how much of Hollywood is based on nepotism. But WTF? It’s Hollywood. A.L. can play Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon all day, but at least, for your readers’ sake: get to the movies.


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  1. […] Dargis doesn’t do a much better job of getting the fuck over Angie’s celebristatus than Anthony Lane. She even poses the question, why should we suspend our disbelief that we’re watching one of […]

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