Critics Award of the Day (CAD): A.O. Scott on “Knocked Up”

A.O. Scott provides candid, insightful, unabashedly geeky reviews of mainstream movies. He’s fair and balanced. High brow and low brow. Tall dark and handsome.

Here’s his review of “Knocked Up” in The Times, which we haven’t seen but might now. Here’s our favorite bit, referring to the film’s stoner hero:

knocked-up2.jpg“When one of Ben’s sperm, showing more initiative than the man who produced it (and taking advantage of an all-too-believable moment of condom carelessness) hits the reproductive jackpot, the stage seems to be set for a comedy of male panic. But that’s not quite how “Knocked Up” plays. Rather than being afraid of commitment, Ben appears fascinated by the idea, as if it were a distant land chronicled in legend and song.”

Aside from the occasionally hetero-implicit uses of the words “man” and “male”, Scott usually drums up pretty gender-fair, orientation-aware, world-conscious reviews…for a domecile breeder.


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