Movin’ On Up…or Under

Yay for Galapagos Art Space getting a new home!… in DUMBO?

Here’s a feature in The Times.New Galapagos in DUMBO

Galapagos certainly deserves a permanent home that isn’t under constant threat of unregulated rent increase. But what does it mean that it’s moving from the high-cost but scruffy imaged neighborhood of Williamsburg, to an even higher cost neighborhood that is increasingly being redefined by luxury?

Part of the success of Galapagos was surely the locals who frequented and liked its edgy style. But who will the locals be in DUMBO? Do people who live in luxury condos really want to drop down to the local bar and catch a chance performance by members of Circus Amok, or Murray Hill hosting a burlesque, or Tiger shoving a bottle up his whoo-whoo? I hope Galapagos’ programming won’t change to fit in with its new neighbors. Hopefully its present fans will be loyal and drag their asses through the super luxe streets of the Brave New World that is, was, and will always be…under a bridge.


And if you’re around, Nick Hallett hosts Darmstadt tonight at 8 at the new old Galapagos…


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