Time(s) To Dance

Modern dance’s losing streak at The Times continues:

Claudia La Rocco lampoons Momix reMIX, with the inevitable Spiderman 3 reference.

Then she give us the cold hard facts from Dance/NYC‘s 2006 census of dancemakers. [No link yet to the actual report].

Gia Kourlas (where the hell have you been?) dulls down Lar Lubovich’s “Othello” at The Met.

Christ. Even the Yankees have managed to pull out a few winners this week.



  1. Are the following sentiments fair: why, with so many excellent American women NYC dance critics already stringing (old time word for freelancing) for the Times did they turn to a fascinating, experienced, yet still British lead dance critic; why not have a team of wonderful critics; what ever happened to Chris Dohose; why one big critic above all others; why go to another country for it; why so many reviews of the NYC Ballet when so many young choreographers are presenting all over town each week; are these questions and sentiments fair to ask; am I wrong to feel fustrated by some of the editorial choices in the de facto most powerful digest of dance reporting in our country on the East coast; is it right to voice these ideas publically?

    Great commentaries, countercritic.

  2. I think that’s fair. Ballet is a holdover from aristocratic, heierachical modes of thinking. Hiring a critic that steers readers toward the classical art of ballet is to swing the public notion of dance backward to a stereotyped and expectation of dance. It would be nice to have critics who can contextualize all of the dance that is happening in NY, and not just write lessons in appreciating an art that refuses to adapt to modernity and informalism.

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